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UM21 heavy duty backpack (was) RE: [at-l] For the ultra heavy backpacker...

The nice people at Gregory sent me the "use and care" manual for a UM21.
Here's some of the info

1)	The "name" for the system is SPEAR (for Special Operations Forces
Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements).  & consists of three sub-systems:
A) Body Armor; B) Equipment Load Carrying Subsystem; C) Backpack Subsystem.

2)	The Rucksack features detachable side pockets (4); quick-release
compression straps; a compression panel (it is foam padded for storing the
Patrol pack or additional gear; also stabilizes load and coverts into a
S*E*A*T); quick release buckles; rigging loops; shoulder harness that is
made to wrap comfortably over the should and around the chest.

3)	Patrol Pack features: Personal ID device; two main compartments;
compression panel... In short a small backpack and not just a butt pack.
Apparently it can carry a sleeping bag.

4)	A Butt pack with its own built-in 2 inch waist belt.

A great system for those who can't leave anything at home.

The cost? Only a mere $1300.00 without accessories.  But it does have the
backpack, the patrol pack, the butt pack, and 5 stuff sacks.


Guess I'll have to wait for the PowerBall winnings.

William, The Covetous Turtle

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Just a short time ago we got to talking about ALICE and other military packs
(which are not for the ultra light backpacker)..  Someone told me that
Gregory made and designed the new replacement system for the ALICE system.
So I wrote to Gregory and found out that civilians can special order it.

If you are one of those that can't leave the kitchen sink at home, you might
want to go to the Gregory site and look at the new system (UM21 I think).
And then write for a price quote.

If these packs are as good as the old ALICE packs, they might work fine for
those who go way off trail or who have jobs or interests that require them
to carry heavy loads.  Or who prefer reading the Encyclopedia of Britannic
in bed (Actually Penn or Teller of Penn and Teller fame has the OED next to
his bed).

William, The Turtle

PS  Whoever mentioned that Gregory designed and made the new system, sorry I
forgot your name, but thanks for the info.