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[at-l] Looking forward to spring hike

Welcome out of the shadows and up to the campfire. Grab a smashmellow
and a log.

I recommend you contact Amicalola Falls State Park for information
regarding parking for a week or longer. It probably is safe there, but
it might make more sense to park further along the trail and get a
shuttle back to the park. For instance, Goose Creek Campground near
Neels' Gap or Blueberry Patch toward Hiawasee, if you don't have the
legs for Standing Indian Campground/Rainbow Springs Campground up in

There are lots of shuttle options on the list as well as in the
community. If you are out of state, you could consider a train into
Gainesville and cab/shuttle up to the falls. Similarly, shuttles can be
arranged from the Atlanta airport. A good source for shuttle
information can be the ALDHA's book as well as the ATC website and

In late April, you will have missed a good deal of the major thru-hiker
starts and much of the Spring Break party atmosphere. Weather will
begin to be warm routinely, with little risk of ice or major freezes.
Most of the leaves will be out, but a lot of the flowers will be just
starting. This is a good time for a week's section.


--- UncommonDs@aol.com wrote:
> 4 of us starting NOBO hike in GA, late April. Was wondering how safe
> it is to park a car at the State Park there for 8 days. If not safe,
> we'll all fly into Atlanta. Anyone have connections on shuttles or
> the best info for transferring up to Amicalola?

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