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[at-l] LILI watch

On Thursday, October 3, 2002, at 07:41 PM, James Bullard wrote:

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> From: "Raphael Bustin" <rafe.bustin@verizon.net>
>> Hehe.  I seem to remember a rather serious ice storm
>> a few winters back.
> Yes, I remember that too.  I was lucky.  I was without power for only a
> week
> and had a wood stove.  Some folks had no power for a month or more.

There's a standing invitation at my house for my neighbors if the power
goes out.   Very few houses around here are livable with no power.
Mine, however, was built long enough ago that power is incidental to its
operation. :)

And if, for some reason, cooking on the woodstove isn't sufficient,
we can always cook on the camping stoves.

A month is an awful long time to be powerless.  The laptop battery
is only good for eight hours, tops.  Fortunately wood chopping, water
old fashioned cookery, etc, distracts one from the lack of DSL.  ;)