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[at-l] So Where's Fall?

Well, I went out hiking today (not on the AT though) but to get there had to
drive through Crawford Notch.  Colors beginning nicely on my side of the
Notch, but then - - wow!  once you cleared the top and headed on into the
Bretton Woods side it was spectacular.  Absolutely beautiful.  Stunning reds
and oranges and golds.  It was one of the prettier fall displays I've seen.

We're supposed to get a freeze tonight, so colors should keep developing
well all around.

north conway, nh

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> We are rapidly approaching the 1st weekend in October which is usually the
> weekend for peak leaf color in these parts (Adirondacks and North) but
> everywhere I look is still 98% green.  Temperatures are in the 70s and the
> only real color I see is in a low swampy area on my way to work in the St.
> Lawrence Valley.
> What are thru-hikers seeing in VT, NH and ME?  Are the leaves changing
> that way or are they still having summer too?
> sAunTerer
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