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[at-l] LILI watch

I remember Camille and Opal.  Camille completely removed a section of
Pascagoula.  There was nothing there anymore.  Nothing...

Opal spun off tornadoes everywhere - that's why there were so many
blowdowns.  One tornado came through the woods within about 25 feet of my
mom's house in Alabama and left a big gash through them.  Luckily, all the
trees that fell near the house missed it.  Opal also blew down a tree in my
back yard here in Alpharetta.  We were hiding in our basement at the time!

I'm getting to the opinion that blowdowns are a good thing when they are on
trails because they stop bicycles, motorcycles, and ATVs.  Apparently the
work that was done here last Spring to keep ATVs out - or at least in
restricted areas - has been reversed here in Georgia.  Has anyone else heard


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Best to also recall Opal. This storm created horrible blowdowns and
damage to NoGA forests that are still apparent nearly a decade later.

Anyone planning to hike this weekend needs to recall these events,
particularly with the idea of staying near shelters rather than
trusting tents and tarps.


--- J Bryan Kramer <jbryankramer@msn.com> wrote:
> ... most of the computer models show a turn to the NE
> at that point which brings it straight to AT country. You may
> remember that Andrew did the same sort of strength jump before it
> hit South Florida, Lili looks to be very dangerous right now.

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