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[at-l] LILI watch

well, after enduring direct hits and near misses from Bertha (direct hit
on New Bern, NC - my hometown) and Fran (direct hit on Raleigh inland,
my birthplace) in 1996, and Dennis and Floyd in 1998 (horrific
flooding), I reckon if Lili makes it to NC, I am hurricane tested!
However, my thoughts and prayers are with those on the Gulf Coast, where
this could be a real monster . . .


J Bryan Kramer wrote:

> Everyone needs to keep an eye on what Lili is doing. It jumped from a weak
> category 2 storm to a strong category 4 (145 mph winds gusts to 170) in 6
> hours. It is scheduled for landfall west of New Orleans in about 18 hours
> and most of the computer models show a turn to the NE at that point which
> brings it straight to AT country. You may remember that Andrew did the same
> sort of strength jump before it hit South Florida, Lili looks to be very
> dangerous right now. It may be in N. Ga/NC area on Friday.
> Bryan
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