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[at-l] LILI watch

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In a message dated 10/2/02 9:24:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
rbenhameda@comcast.net writes:

> He's ok from Isadora (or whatever her name was) but the storm surge is
> expected to be 20 feet plus, so it's going to be rough for him.
> how's so.fla. doing?

We've been lucky here in South Florida for the past few years.  I worry about
the people in Texas and New Orleans, having gone through a category 4-5
hurricane (Andrew) in 1992.  This type of storm is a killer.  Andrew left
over 200,000 people homeless and did billions of dollars in damage.  I hope
the people in evacuation zones are doing just that.  I remember listening to
the radio, and people calling for help, their entire families packed into
closets and bathrooms covered with mattresses and using all their strength to
keep the doors closed while their houses blew away around them.  This is
really going to be a disaster.  Anyone who can should volunteer with the Red
Cross to aid in the aftermath.  My prayers are with anyone in the strike area.