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[at-l] LILI watch

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In a message dated 10/02/02 7:56:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jbryankramer@msn.com writes:

> Everyone needs to keep an eye on what Lili is doing. It jumped from a weak
> category 2 storm to a strong category 4 (145 mph winds gusts to 170) in 6
> hours. It is scheduled for landfall west of New Orleans in about 18 hours
> and most of the computer models show a turn to the NE at that point which
> brings it straight to AT country.

My mother and father in law (in their mid 80s) are in Jefferson County, Texas
(near the La border) and significant portions of that county are being
evacuated as we speak.  Wish we were closer to the area to help them with

Keep your fingers and toes crossed.  Most of the debris from the last storm
is still laying around.  It is likely to be quite messy.