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[at-l] For the ultra heavy backpacker...

That was me.  If i remember right, some details on that pack are:

-  quick release packbag.  the bag is actually clipped onto a harness with a
quick release mechanism. IE, you pull two straps and your loaded bag falls
to the ground. perfect for when you get ambushed and need to find cover

-  modular design.  there are several sizes of bag and compartments that fit
on the system, take whatyou need, leave the ammo bags at home. unless your
backpacking in the middle east maybe?

-  its all made of super heavy duty ballistic nylon or some such bombproof

- its about 12 lbs empty

Matt  "MrMoose 97"

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> Just a short time ago we got to talking about ALICE and other military
> (which are not for the ultra light backpacker)..  Someone told me that
> Gregory made and designed the new replacement system for the ALICE system.
> So I wrote to Gregory and found out that civilians can special order it.
> If you are one of those that can't leave the kitchen sink at home, you
> want to go to the Gregory site and look at the new system (UM21 I think).
> And then write for a price quote.
> If these packs are as good as the old ALICE packs, they might work fine
> those who go way off trail or who have jobs or interests that require them
> to carry heavy loads.  Or who prefer reading the Encyclopedia of Britannic
> in bed (Actually Penn or Teller of Penn and Teller fame has the OED next
> his bed).
> William, The Turtle
> PS  Whoever mentioned that Gregory designed and made the new system, sorry
> forgot your name, but thanks for the info.
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