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[at-l] Yosemite

Used to be OK just so long as you stayed out of the Valley itself, the
Valley is about a 1/4 wide and 7 miles long IIRC and thats only a couple
percent of the whole park. Even so they get up to 250,000 visitors in the
Valley on some weekends. They never leave the Valley and a lot of them never
get out of their cars. Stay in Tuolumme meadows or the Glacier point side
and you can have a fine time. Have to make reservations for any back-country
camping tho.

And while I love Yosemite with a passion, I never forget that the better
Valley...Hetch Hetchy is under water thanks to San Francisco.


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> Yosemite is a great place - just don't visit it between Memorial Day and
> Labor Day - unless you like crowds.