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>> If you do, you'd better do it soon. It snowed here yesterday

Ha, yeah, it snowed on me yesterday too. The wind makes it a bit chilly.
That's why I got out the suave and debonir winter gear complete with P-51
earflaps. With that getup, maybe I could be on the cover of some of those
backpacking magazines and equipment catalogs I've seen lately. As the real
thing of course. Well, I'd have to grow a three day old beard. Plus, I'd
need to brush up on that distant forelorn look too. Wait...forget it. That
was when I did those JC Penney underwear photos. Nevermind.


PS: Hey, JC Penney prevented me from taking my duly awarded Mr. Hoosier
Hiker Dude Indiana award. I should see the judge about that. Yeah, sue
somebody so as I can get my award back. And that talent contest...woo loved
it. Trailors for sale or rent, rooms to let fifty cents...