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[at-l] Pack question

Thanks to all who responded on my question about the Dana Bridger pack.  I =
looked at both the 2001 and 2002 model and bought the older one.  Not just =
cause a got a good discount on it either, it was lighter and simpler.  Don'=
t need the sleeping bag zipper...after the tent's up everything comes out o=
f the pack anyway... the mesh pocket on the back as been a temptation on my=
 Dana Shortbed so I didn't want it here...and the extra compression straps =
looked unneeded.  Have loaded it up and configured it...boy was it easy...f=
ussing with the hook and loop connects is so much easier than split rings, =
pins and screws.  Will be doing a 8 or 9 mile test carry this weekend.  Tha=
nks again...

Oh yeah, I'll be taking it in a couple of weeks for our club's AT section f=
all maintenace trip.  There, now this on topic.