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[at-l] Yosemite

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>> Did you get a new calendar, or do you owe us a trip report? :O)

Ha. Yeah, I visited the place. Camped up at about 9000 feet above Tuolumne
Meadows for a few nights before heading down into Yosemite Valley. Yosemite
is a terrific place for a backpacker -- many scenic backcountry trails/camps
from which to choose. El Capitan is huge -- much bigger than I imagined it
to be. Can't imagine scaling the face.

I'll probably head back to Yosemite again this fall for at least one more
visit. Probably down the John Muir Trail/PCT this time.

It did get down to about 30* at night where I was camped so I guess I'll
start packing my winter gear with me too. I did pack a bear canister (about
5 lbs empty or so) but didn't see any bears where I was camped. Maybe they
thought I had Pop-tarts and those would be better left in the canister.