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[at-l] PUR Hiker filter

What is the deal with the replacement cartridge for free - do you just call
them up? Is there a limit on how many you can get? This almost sounds too
good to be true!

RET in Sunny Fla.

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> Hi, I used a PUR filter during my 2001 thru. I have to agree with those
> of you who thought the filter got cloged frequently. I could go about 5
> to 6 weeks on a cartridge before it had to be replaced. I filtered all
> my water that came from a spring, brook, river or pond. After finding
> out, from other hikers, that PUR will send you a replacement cartridge
> for free I had them sent to me 4 times along the trail. I met several
> hikers who were having "hard pumping" problems. A lot of the time it
> was because the pump piston had to be lubricated. If the filter pumps
> hard when it isn't filtering water It's often the piston needs
> lubrication. Grampie
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