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[at-l] Re: MSR Microzoid tent

I did a trip in Virginia a few years back, with significant wind and
rain between a cold front and a small hurricane off the coast, just a
few weeks after the flooding in eastern NC and VA. It was my first time
to camp with such wind, and was a good education.

This past weekend was expected to have rain up on the NoGA hills, but
wind was also anticipated to be quite brisk. Given the warmth and
general good weather during daytime, this wind and rain provides a good
opportunity to test equipment. I'd far rather learn how to deal with
wind and rain in October than in early March. No chance for sleet or
ice storms.

Go for it.


--- Jim Stewart <jd.stewart@gte.net> wrote:
> Man, I hope not.... I have been planning this trip for awhile, and
> this is the last weekend free for the rest of the year.

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