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[at-l] winter backpacking

As was already mentioned, join the AMC. Or you can contact the folks at
International Mountain Equipment in North Conway. They also have lessons
starting at the basics and working up.

Lee I Joe

"Susan Buchanan" <buchanan@gtcinternet.com> wrote in message
> I  know enough to know that I don't know enough.
> I've done some winter backpacking down in VA and PA - even led some small
> youth group trips in the past (last Jan we had 5 inches of snow on us as
> got a few novice backpackers out onto the AT, and it was pretty awesome!).
> But . . . I also know that I've saddled a very different beast here in the
> White Mountains.  But I've also really enjoyed/needed/ survived because
> my weekly hikes since I've moved here and don't want to miss out on it
> winter.
> . . . any tips on how I would go about learning the winter skills I'd need
> to be out backpacking up here?
> suz
>     was I clear enough about how important being out on the trail, even if
> only for a day hike each week, has been???