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[at-l] Happy Wind Day!

Sunny and 34 degrees on top of Mt.Washington today. 
Wind gusting to just over 40mph. 68 years ago, it was a bit windier!
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Happy Big Wind Day from the Observatory Staff!
Thursday, April 12, 1934 1:21pm
As I returned inside, I could not believe what Steve told me, so I took the 
stop watch from him and started timing gusts myself--Yes, 
229mph--once--twice--Then a lull--I did not count. Then another gust--The 
barograph pens dropped in a vertical line for about .2 inch, the doors shook 
vigorously, the clicks increased in their rhythm. I snapped the stopwatch and 
timed three clicks: 1.17 seconds--I knew it was a record--did not know how 
much--I felt as if the wind was decreasing, and hesitated a while, but as I 
heard the rhythm go up again I snapped the watch again and timed three more 
clicks: 1.17 seconds. Twice I yelled the time so that Art could put it down 
on paper. Then I grabbed the slide rule and with a single setting I read 
308mph uncorrected--Extrapolated my calculation curve again and read 231mph. 
Will they believe it?
Sal Pagliuca - Observer




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