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[at-l] Speaking of Griz.

At 08:22 AM 6/29/01 -0400, Steve Landis wrote:
>Orange Bug wrote:
> > Gosh, I miss Felix.
>While I too will miss Felix, I applaud him for censoring himself.

It's allll my fault....his leaving I mean.  I played list english cop and
pointed out his error.  Now he's gone and it's all my fault.

And Steve....I think it's really mean of you to post this.  Of course,
you never liked him in the first place.

>It is
>refreshing that someone has finally taken personal responsibility for
>their inappropriate posts on this list. Perhaps he will inspire others
>and this will become a time honored tradition not only on this list but
>in the AT trail community at large.
>Steve - clap..clap...clap....
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