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[at-l] Trivia solved.....

Last year, almost a year ago (on July 3) I slept at this shelter. 
Both are still there, and I slept in the old shelter that accomodates 
about 3 hikers. It was one of the last one's to have a dirt floor, so 
they say. It's located about 100 feet from the Peter's Mtn Shelter, 
and isn't visible from the shelter, but you pass it along the AT.

The reason I slept there-- is probably my best bear story. It's long, 
though, and I have to check a few facts so I won't give it up now.

In the morning I met 3 old(er) ladies who came up to Peter's shelter 
to pack out hiker trash. They were both part of the volunteers that 
built the shelter a few years earlier, all for a total of $5000. All 
concrete, lumber, etc was hand carried from an access road about 3/4 
mile away. It's a beauty, with a nice large porch and overhanging 
roof. The water source is waaay, waaay down the ridge, and very cold.

I hiked to Duncannon on the 4th, along a poorly maintained section 
(caught poison ivy here) from Clark's Ferry Sh and then across 
bridges and into Duncannon. I later told the NoBos that the first 
section out of town required gaitors up to your armpits. The local 
kids made a sport of launching bottle rockets at me (friendly town) 
and the ice cream on the way into town tasted great.

Met Sunny Campfire, and Wild Child, among others. Sunny Days (trail 
angel) helped me out with resupply the next day.

RD '97

>My 1977 data book has the Earl Shaffer Shelter one mile north of Table Rock. 
>The 1998 data book names it as Peters Mountain Shelter. I don't know when or
>why the name changed.
Arthur Gaudet
email: gaudet@mediaone.net