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[at-l] Gear List

I have gotten three requests for my gear list so here is the link. I have 
made a few changes since I first posted this that aren't reflected on the 
list. I will update it sometime this summer but in the meantime....no 
tuckering allowed!  :) 

I have a nomad now instead of the despised gossamer. 

I am flirting with the alcohol stove, but I don't expect the weight of that 
would change significantly since I then need a pot stand (hmmm, something to 
think about - pot stand weight with tcsm stove/fuel vs. esbit with fuel). 

I have new sleeping bags - 15* NF Cats Meow for winter and a 40* Ferrino HL 
micro for summer and have started carrying a Z-Rest instead of the thermarest 
- at least in summer.



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