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[at-l] New Hampshire in October?

It's hard to make a list of gear for you. Don't know if folks from 
Alabama can relate to the weather up here.

Earliest snow I've seen on Cannon Mountain (just off the AT in 
Franconia Notch) was Labor Day weekend, 1982.

Columbus Day weekend on Wildcat Ridge in 1988 was spent hiking in 8+ 
inches of new snow. It was beautiful. That day I finished my NH 4000 

You'll need the 20 degree bag for your trip, a sweater, 200 weight 
fleece, fleece hat, gloves, long johns, etc. Not yet time for 
snowshoes and avalanche finder (grin). The weather changes quickly, 
and at that time of year the snow doesn't stay on the ground for very 

The hike from Sherburne Pass to Moosilauke is not high altitude and 
you have lots of roads crossings if you wish to bail. It's likely 
that it will already have snowed on Moosilauke before you get there 
at that time of year.

Hope that helps. --RD '97

>Good Afternoon,
>I've taken a break from the beach in lovely Orange Beach, Alabama to put in
>an information request on our planned Fall section hike.  We'll start at
>Sherburne Pass, VT and hike around 90 to 100 miles.  Our family calendars
>are filling quickly and it looks like October is the best time for our trip.
>What temperatures might we expect on this section in mid-October?  The end
>of the trip, if we go about 100 miles, should include Mt. Moosilauke, I
>believe the first peak above treeline.
>Any thoughts?  Thanks for your help.
>Take Care,
Arthur Gaudet
email: gaudet@mediaone.net