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[at-l] Thruhiking..is it a job?

Likewise, at times, for me. The running line was "Hey, let's go for a 
walk!". In many ways doing the '97 thru was a reward for 20 + years 
of work. Here was an extended period where I had few decisions to 
make:  How far to hike each day, what to eat for each meal, where to 
nap, how many days to town, etc.

RD '97

>I had this running dialouge with a buddy I hiked several hundred miles with
>in '97.
>"Snoop, it's Friday, what are we going to do this weekend?"
>"Sly, I thought we go camping, what do you think?"
>"Sure, where we going?"
>"I figured we'd hike 20 or thirty miles on the AT, maybe hit a trail town."
>"Sounds great!"
>Monday mornings (and the rest of the work week) were just as great and I
>can't ever recall a bad day on the trail, even if it was hard work (painful)
>and the pay sucked, the benefits were (are) priceless.
Arthur Gaudet
email: gaudet@mediaone.net