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[at-l] Top "10" list

Excuse my slow day at the office. I have way too much time on my hands.

Good comments, POG.  I am a firm believer in HYOH, so I know there are
birders out there who would be lost without their binocks, and there are
also geologists, entomologists, and whateverologists, that have specialty
interests that would want very specific reference books with them, etc.  I
even met a teacher on the trail this year who started out with a half dozen
zoom lenses for his camera, a tripod, and who knows what else.  He finally
paired it down to just one zoom lens and his big 35 mm camera, but held on
to those religiously.

I'm also partial to my pillow, but have sacrificed a little by just taking
the pillow case (my security blanket, I guess) with my clothes inside.  I
make sure all my clothes are crushable, even my hat, so they make pretty
good filling.  I have threaded a draw string through the hem of my pillow
case which keeps my "stuffing" inside during my wild thrashing at night.

Obviously my comments about cottom items is meant to discourage those who
are going to wear cotton to hike in during the day.  I don't want them to
have the hypothermic nasties set in on them.