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[at-l] Elitism, Wilderness & Through*Hikers

Just wanted to chime and and say I don't understand a dang thing about what 
either of you are saying.  Perhaps that's the beauty of the thread?

For the record, I am all for singing the praises of traditional thru-hiking 
if by that one means finding beauty in the idea of strapping a pack on one's 
back and walking all the way from Maine to Georgia.

If promoting traditional thru-hiking means suggesting that a rewarding thru 
can be done without spending gobs of money on hotels and sushi bars, I say 
go ahead make your case.

If traditonal thru-hiking means accepting that the goal of becoming a 2,000 
miler can be worthwhile one, and that honor dictates one can't skip sections 
and still apply, I say great.  Frankly, I don't even care traditional 
thru-hikers get upset when others lie.  Hell, I get pissed when my coworkers 
cheat at golf, too.  I'm working on that emotion, but I don't deny it.  
While their scores don't affect me in one bit, I rather lament the fact that 
so many people's code of honor depends on who is looking.  And since I care 
about thru-hiking more, I think it rather sucks how much honor has been 

If supporting traditional thru-hiking means pointing out that a thru-hiker's 
time on the Trail is the most important part of the adventure, and that you 
should try research and apreciate the Trail's natural history at least as 
much as your titanium pot, I say hallaluia.

Most of all, if being a booster of traditional thru-hiking means that one 
believes the greatest influence on anyone's hike are the actions of the mob 
hiking that year, and that to truely hike your own hike it is worthwhile to 
think about what is important to you before hitting the Trail, I say that's 
a good thing.

On the other hand, if traditional thru-hiking means we need to cite and 
worship and try to divine what some Trail ikons from a couple of generations 
ago would have to say today, well, you lost me.


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