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[at-l] Top "10" list of items to leave at home

Just some thoughts from a section hiker,

<<4.  Anything cotton (with the possible exception of a bandana or two, or a
5.  Underwear (except for a sports bra if you're a woman).  Wearing lined
nylon shorts prevents much moisture build up, and is more comfortable.>>

Cotton (especially undies for women) is really comfy to sleep in if you don't 
mind carryng the extra few ounces. 

<<6.  Deodorant (totally useless weight)>>

And yet, I know of many many thurhikers who carried (and are carrying now)  
deodorant the whole way. I have to admit that antiperspirant probably isn't 
going to work very well.

<<9.  Binoculars (too heavy for their rare use)>>

Rarity of use is in the eye of the beholder. If you are a birder, then you 
might just feel lost without them.

Phil's list is a good list, but once again, its a matter of setting personal 
priorities. I have decided cotton to sleep in and deodorant are worth 
carrying and my pack still weighs less than 30 pounds with food and water. 
This is not an invitation to tucker my pack and I refuse to give up my Teva 
brand sandels or my pillow either :)


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