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[at-l] Top "10" list of items to leave at home

Thought I might start a new thread for any new hiders who may be lurking.
The following is my top "10" list of things to leave at home when doing a
long distance hike:

1.  Gun (too objectionable, impractical, and usually illegal on the trail)
2.  Night Scope (you should be sleeping)
3.  Global Positioning System (the AT has good maps available)
4.  Anything cotton (with the possible exception of a bandana or two, or a
5.  Underwear (except for a sports bra if you're a woman).  Wearing lined
nylon shorts prevents much moisture build up, and is more comfortable.
6.  Deodorant (totally useless weight)
7.  Video camera (too heavy, and must have a battery charger, too)
8.  Aluminum folding chair (It'll break anyway-discarded mine in the trash
on Clingman's Dome)
9.  Binoculars (too heavy for their rare use)
10.  Dogs (you, your dog, and other hikers will be happier if you leave them
at home)
11.  Cell phone (its practical use in a life saving emergency is very rare)

OK, so I can't count, but those are my thoughts after having hiked 1200
miles of the AT during 100+ days in the last four years.

P.S.  I own, and have no objection to, and actually "love" all of the above
items (with the exception of the night scope).  I just don't take them on my