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FW: [at-l] Colorado Trip Report (long)

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> You have to have faith.  How else could you have a

Hey..I still held the hope that the sun dried them
off! :)

 not to mention bump into a cute
> blonde, ranger slash
> trailmaintainer?

And just like my thru-hikes, talking is about as far
it goes! :)

> I think you're absolutely going to love the PCT, as

The saving account continues to grow...and the reality
of Campo is becoming more possible!

> By the way, did you do a loop or a section between
> trailheads?  CT, CDT or
> other trail(s), and how was the navigation?  What
> did you cook on?

Ok..you really want to know the nuts and bolts..'eh?

The trip was an 'in and out' trip along an obvious
trail. Climbing the 14er required some basic map
skills in the sense of picking out the peak I wanted
to climb and looking for a suitable route. The way to
the top was not marked at all, esp. with the snow.

Though I did not hike the CDT or the CT I was pretty
close to both. Did cross the CT at Kenosha (sp?) and
Molas passes and the CDT at Wolf Creek Pass via
driving.  I always get giddy when I come to trail
heads for long distance hiking trails. :)

As for what I cooked on, why the latest and greatest
TCSM stove. I have used a homemade alcohol stove now
for two years, but I must say I like the TCSM/Photon
stove better than the one I have been using. Used my
trusty Walmart almuminum pot that is also two years
also and made my dinner tea and Lipton/Mac n' Cheese
quite well.  Also used my SilNylon tarp for the first
time.... and stayed dry. The tarp easily was enough
room for two of us. The tarp was much better than the
7 lb tent my friend was originally going to use!  Also
used the Lynn Wheldon pack I bought this past winter
for the first time. Opted for the model with the hip
belt. With almost five days of food + gear was quite
pleased with the performance. Gear is not that
important to me, but I am  happy that I can go pretty
lightweight and still be comftorable. Got a few odd
looks from people who probably though I was using a
funky day pack. :)


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