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[at-l] Major League Baseball

At 09:03 AM 6/28/01 -0400, William davis wrote:
>Thanks RnR.  Work has been stressfull lately and your analogy of 
>thru-hikers to Major League Baseball players gave me a real belly laugh 
>this morning.

If no one spent billions of bucks to advertise, pay for, buy tickets, build 
temples to and buy broadcast rights to
the major league players, would they still play ball?  I mean if they had 
to quit there real jobs for
six months to play ball for a season, would they?  Do they love it that 
much?  Crave it the way a hiker
craves the trail?

signed k who is not a fan of pro sports and for some reason finds the 
comparison ........insulting

>In taking it a bit further, I guess the ATC is like the US senate and 
>Wingfoot is like Rush Limbaugh.  LOL!
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