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[at-l] Elitism, Wilderness & Through*Hikers

--- RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:
> OB wrote:
> << << By no definition can one suggest that through*hiking
> (registered
>  >  trademark?) is even a substantial minority of the trail's use.
>  > Please
>  >  go back and read some history on McKaye's work and Avery's work.
> The
>  >  trail is still serving the main groups that were targeted -
> casual
>  >  hikers out for a break from civilization. It isn't wilderness. It
>  > isn't....

Followed by more parsing to the point of incoherence.

This was originally under the "STOP the PARSING" subject. This is still
elitist manure that might improve to the point of compost, someday. So
long as you are focused on elitist "Through*hiking" and despotism
(benevolent or otherwise), this is still a foul smelling mound of

Again, I encourage you to read MacKaye and some AT history. Your
metaphors fail to impress.


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