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[at-l] Tulsa, Arkansas...sallll-ute

My trip to Tulsa...by Felix J. McGillicuddy....

Welp, as has become routine for me, I went to the airport
Saturday evening. I waited for a shuttle bus again. I got on
my plane and I don't remember anything else about that. It
must have been fine, though. I do remember eating some
cheese and a powerbar in the airport. Then, I got on another
airplane that took me to Tulsa. Then, I waited for the
lovely and charming Miss Ellie to pick me up. We did some
more smoochin' in the parking lane. And, some parkin' in the
smoochin' lane.

Then, we went to her apartment where we met two guys (also
performers in the musical "Oklahoma") and headed to the
Ozarks again. We got to Mt. Magazine at 5:30 a.m. The
campground was full, so we bandit camped. (That is a lie if
anyone reading this is employeed by any authoratative branch
of government in Arkansas.) Tried to sleep for a couple of
hours. Hung around the park for a while, then headed to
Petit Jean S.P. (Arkansas' oldest s.p.). My friends (t.fort,
you listening?) this is worth the drive. I am now a firm
believer that the Ozarks are the most underestimated scenary
in this great land of ours. If you go to P.J.S.P, you must
go back to Cedar ? Waterfall. If ya can, swim in the pool at
the falls. (Midriff note: After we hiked down to the falls,
we went back up and to a falls overlook. Now, bare in mind
that there isn't a great deal of water a'fallin'. But, the
water that does fall is pretty, and falls into an incredible
basin/cirque kinda thing. It is beautiful. While looking at
it, a family walks up. The elderly mother says "That's it?"
My left eye rolled clean outta my head, it did. Well, a
minute later her middle-aged son walks up and says "That's
it?") Anyway, Felix and Gonzo give Petit Jean S.P. an
overwhelming four thumbs up.

Monday night was back to another viewing of "Oklahoma".
Tuesday was a laaaaaazy day for Gonzo and me. So lazy that,
for some reason (this list is still family-rated, right?) we
didn't make it to my 3:45 flight to Atlanta. So, we went to
Baskin-Robbins for a two scoop sundae. Later that night, my
second viewing of "Oklahoma". This morning I was on standby
for a 7:05 flight that I was nearly late for. (I luvs being
in luv.)  Anyway, while I was in the Atlanta airport this
morning, I heard a woman say to a man "The last place we
were in had one of those moving stairways. Remember that?"
(that's true.) (Well, all the rest of this was true, too.
Unless you're an Arkansas authority figure-type.) Well,
that's all. I guess. Funny that the best part of the trip
happened after the flight was mist.

It looks like I'll be driving to Tulsa with O'Henry on
Monday. Ridin' to Tulsa with my future mother-in-law...oh,
the stories. I might just hitch-hike home.

Sorry this was sooooo boring. Ya had to be there.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"