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The best sized backpack is the one that exactly fits just what you need.  
And, I don't mean to sound flip.  I suggest that you gather all the gear you 
are going to be carrying, with an appropriate amount of food, and then go 
shopping for a pack.  Bring all that stuff with you and see what size pack 
it fits in.

If you ask an ultralight backpacker, they'll probably say 2000ci is enough.  
A heavyweight will say 7000ci.  They are both right.  Only you know exactly 
what you are going to be putting in that pack.

Stitches, GAME99

>From: " " <dkireta@earthlink.net>
>Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 13:18:27 -0500
>For those folks on the trail, what's the bottom line for you
>on how many cu inches are necessary to get between mail drops?
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