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[at-l] Parking lot rip offs...fighting back

>AAACK?? Is that a bear?  I didn't notice it the first >time!  Did it take out your window or had you left it >down?. 

Yes, that's her bear behind sticking out my car's back window in the first photo.  If you scroll down, you can see her standing by the car in a second photo.
The window was rolled up ALL the way, but the bear was obviously determined.  While we were not there when the bear broke into the car, she latter returned with two cubs.  It was early in the spring, and I am sure nothing was going to get between her and the junk food.
Other than the broken window and loss of a small amount of food (most was in the trunk) the bear did very little damage actually.  On the way home, however, my eyes watered and itched in much the same way they do when I get near cats.  I think I am allergic to bears, but that could have been casued by the skunk that hung around that campsite that night, as I suspect it found my backseat also.
In any event, I find it a bit ironic that one of my best animal stories happened while car camping in New Jersey.


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