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[at-l] cubic inches of backpack

Dave asked about the number of cubic inches needed in a backpack between
maildrops.  My answer would be "none", since I don't normally use maildrops.

On the other hand, my pack, if I remember correctly, is listed as having
about 4,000 cubic inches.  I've never tested it, but sometimes it is full,
and sometimes it isn't.  For "ultralighters" a 4,000 c.i. pack would
represent the equivalent of carrying a mansion on their back.  For an
expedition up Mt. Everest it would represent the surest guarantee of a quick
death, I would suppose.

Pack size, however, runs the same risk as time needed to complete a project.
That is, "Time expands to fill the amount allotted to complete the task" and
"People accumulate items to fill the pack space available."  In other words,
don't get too large a pack or you will find some way to fill it up with
items you really don't need to carry.  I have found that 4,000 - 4,400 c.i.
is plenty, even for the hiker who is going to carry 45-50 lbs. of pack