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[at-l] Re: Worthy Trail Cause?

Weary wrote
> MATC always needs money. We collect about $9,000 a year in dues, but 
> have a $135,000 a year budget.  ATC kicks in $20,000 or so. The rest 
> comes from donations of one kind or another... 
	NOTE: MATC maintains the most AT miles with the least money 
	and the fewest members!
> $1,500...was what the club required [a few years ago] for a named 
> memorial as part of the stewardship fund.
> As I understand it all the money goes into a common kitty for efficient 
> investment purposes, but the club records list the name of the person 
> honored in perpetuity.

MATC projects he mentioned:
1> ridge runner/caretaker program
2> paying leaders for Maine Trail Crew (used to be FORCE)
3> construct 20+ mile loop side trail (Mahoosuc-Grafton Notch area)
4> construction of bridge (South Branch of the Carrabasset River
   which flows through the valley between Sugarloaf and the Crockers)

Previously mentioned by others:
5> the Kennebec River Ferry program (costs about $7,000 per year)
6> shelter renovations or a new shelter
7> tool/equipment purchase/upkeep 
8> land purchase for protection of Bald Mountain Pond
9> repair of bog bridges

I will email Mark Simpson, MATC president, to find out the amount needed
for a named memorial fund, whether donations would be tax-deductible,
whether there are any specific projects which could carry a memorial
plaque (shelter, bridge, etc.) and their costs.  Thanks for everyone's
help and suggestions!


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