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[at-l] pack weight-1/3 body weight

The way I figure it, once I start hiking I'll lose weight, the further I go
the larger the pack I can carry and not notice the difference.  After about
two or three months I could probably carry around 90 pounds and feel the
same as I do today carrying 30-40 lbs.  (tired, sore, and always ready to
hike some more)
Pat Loomis  (who, like Mr Lubitz, spends most of his day at a desk
computing and trying to figure what the next meal will be)   ;-)

-.-. .-.. --- ..- -.. .-- .- .-.. -.- . .-.

>Is that 25% of what you weigh or what you should weigh.  25% of the
>differential for me is full pack weight for some people.
>Rich (who has the appetite of a thruhiker but sits at a desk all day)