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[at-l] pack weight-1/3 body weight

Hah! I know what you mean. My weight fluctuates too, though not as 
much as before I started this long distance thing.

1997 - weight at Springer 180, pack weight 62 lbs. So I was carrying 
too much, about 1/3 my body weight. With flat feet, and leg pain, I 
used the term "feet feel like hamburger" in my trail journal.

Now I'm rarely above 165, so I limit my packweight to below 40 lbs. 
This includes 2 qts of water. It's a challenge but worth it. I enjoy 
the hikes a lot more, no more foot pain.

>Is that 25% of what you weigh or what you should weigh.  25% of the
>differential for me is full pack weight for some people.
>Rich (who has the appetite of a thruhiker but sits at a desk all day)
Arthur D. Gaudet         	"Is walking down called hiking, too?"
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