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[at-l] Ready's journal June 25 Monday TD 20 PT 2

At check-in Shawn handed us a little box, "This is for you." It was a 
package from Kahley! Like kids at Christmas we opened it as soon as we got 
to our room.
Wrapped inside a bandana (which I immediately claimed. I'd been needing 
one), we found --Ah, shucks!-- Two little "dough" ornaments - a bearded, 
brown-haired hiker hunk and a blonde hikerette! Each was labeled with our 
trailname and "AT '01!" We were tickled pink! A new lighter and some little 
clamps completed the goodie bag. Wow! Thanks, Kahley! :-)
Our next task was a delightful one. We needed to examine the logistics for 
the next several weeks. Spur's 15-year old daughter, Molly, had expressed 
(via email) an interest in hiking a section with us! We were so excited to 
hear this.
A goal of ours has also been to compete a trailwork project with the 
Adirondack Mountain Club. This would be my 10th year and 17th project with 
the Volunteer Trails Program, and I have been really excited about Spur's 
interest in incorporating a project into our thruhike plans.
We'd spent a good part of our hiking day discussing options and scenarios 
that would make all these goals possible. Tonight, working with a travel 
agent and my parents, we were able to work out a plan that pulls all our 
goals together.
It was a long day for us. It was after 10:30 PM before we were able to 
start our journaling. It was daunting to consider that we'd need to be up 
early in the morning for a long day of hiking. Our goal: Bowling Springs, 
20 miles up the trail.