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[at-l] I Remember Rosie

I Remember Rosie...

	Everyone else has posted their memories of Maine Rose, and 
maybe finally I can do it without flooding the keyboard with tears.

	Words I would use to describe the way I remember Rosie:
charismatic, inspirational, wonderfully outgoing, enormously
energetic, undemanding as a houseguest, full of uninhibited and
infectious laughter, entertaining (stories of milking cows on the
kibbutz!), a huge and ready smile, intense concentration on the task 
at hand, always ready to try something new, unafraid.
	Her rapport with a huge audience, or with one individual, was 
astounding.  She could identify with and allay the fears that keep 
women from backpacking--especially from backpacking alone--or that 
keep them from doing almost anything.  She was a powerful inspiration 
and role model, with her oh-so-positive "if I could do it, so can you" 

	I will always miss her, but will be inspired for the rest of 
my life by having known her.

	-- eArThworm

Linda L. Patton, Reference Librarian, Strozier Library, Florida State Univ.
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          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower