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[at-l] Re: Worthy Trail Cause?

Cosmo wrote:
> 	As a member of the AT management folks in Mass, I'd like to 
> toss in a little thought on this...
> Just a few not well articulated thoughts,

	Sounded articulated to me!  Good ideas.  They've been added
to the pot.  Now if we just knew how much we could generate...
Maybe I *should* just let people go ahead and start sending money
and see how much we get, and *then* decide what to do with it?
I could open a special account at my credit union so it doesn't
get confused with the rest of my wealth (NOT) and then I wouldn't
have to hold checks a long time.  I don't know.  What do y'all
think?  I'd hate to let this memorial lose its momentum.  Help?!
	-- eArThworm

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