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[at-l] Re: Worthy Trail Cause?

	As a member of the AT management folks in Mass, I'd like to 
toss in a little thought on this.  We had a long time member of our 
group pass away two years ago (Jack Cysz, it's in the archives 
somewhere).  In his name a fund was set up for the AT Committee (the 
volunteer management partner) for tool/equipment purchase and upkeep, 
as Jack and his family knew this was an ongoing need of ours.

A named fund might be more helpful to the MATC than a specific 
project, because they can put the funds towards the needs that they 
think are important, even ongoing projects as opposed to a one time 
like a shelter or trailhead kiosk.

To be effective however, the capital needs to be a fairly large 
amount, so the interest can be used instead of the principal.  We 
were fortunate that Jack was well known in the non-trail community, 
so we got quite a number of contributions to his fund from people not 
involved with the trail, but know of his love for it.

The other idea, might be for a woman-centered project, as Rose was 
(and still is) a terrific resource for women learning about the AT 
and backpacking in general.  Some sort of resource or info for and by 
women about the trail or outdoor life?  A fund to help women authors 
of trail/outdoor books get connected to editors/publishers?

Just a few not well articulated thoughts,