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[at-l] Ready's Journal:: June 21 part 2

>We stopped three times on our hike. The first stop was at a rock so that I 
>could have a shoe-off break  The second time was to admire the new Ed 
>Garvey shelter. This is without a doubt the nicest shelter I've encounterd 
>on the trail, ever.  It is consructed of heavy logs, built to resemble a 
>traditional shelter on the first level and with a magnificent Alps-looking 
>2nd level, which is accessible from the rear of the shelter by walking up 
>a steep staircase.  Clever design provides a spacious and pleasant 
>upstairs, featuring good light and a "balcony" with a large window.  The 
>balcony's rail sports the AT symbol in it.
>Our final stop before reaching our campsite, was  Gathland State Park, 
>where we enjoyed some cold drinks before moving on.
>Darkness was approaching as we pressed on, each determined to make it to 
>the Dahlgren Campsires this evening.  We made it there just as it was 
>getting dark.  Spur set up the tent, while I prepared spaghetti.
>We cleaned up the cook gear and then took showers at the comfort station, 
>nearby.  It felt great to have a shower.  It had been a very humid day and 
>promised to rain that night.
>We wrote our journal entries, with silent flashes of lightning 
>periodically brightening the night and the sound of a man reading from The 
>Hobbit to a group of enraptured young campers, who'd set up next door to us.
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