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[at-l] Best Bear Tales...was Grizzlies on Cell Phones.

Hard to pick my best bear story....
OK...there were three of us, plus my best traildog,
taking a break near a trout creek.  They whipped
out their fly gear and the dog and I wandered upstream
another 50-60 feet.  I lay on a ledge with my hurtin feet
dangling in the creek, watching the sky.

Suddenly, in my field of view, I see my dog....standing
up on his hind legs as if he were imitating a prarie dog.
He struggled slightly for balance but held like that.  His
gaze was locked across the creek.  I followed his gaze
and saw the bear also standing just the other side of
the water.  He was better at it than my dog.

The bear took a couple steps closer, into the creek.
Poor Dingo was already at the edge of the ledge and
couldn't advance in return.  I felt left out, so I too
stood on two feet.  There we were.....three species, in
the ulimate stand off.  Just majical.  The bear broke just
a split second before Dingo.  I won.  We all sat back
down and watched the trout rise.