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[at-l] Re: ATML Grizzlies on Cell Phones.

>>Bears prefer mauling the face in order to disarm the adversaries killing 
weapons of large teeth and fangs. Drop and put your face to the ground and 
hands behind neck only when the charge is no longer a bluff. The timing is 
tricky though, because if you drop too early you could keep him coming by 
submission. Mine decided to run. Also: black bears need to consume 20,000 
calories a DAY! <<

 The AT's Black bears are not Grizzlies. If you 'play dead/drop and cover' 
while being attacked by a Black bear, it'll kill you. With Black bears you 
must stand your ground, make yourself large and loud, and if the bear makes 
contact-fight back. Contrary to conventional wisdon, bears have excellent 
eyesight. If you're lucky enough to see a bear on the AT, stand still and 
enjoy the treat. The bear's probably already seen/smelt/heard you, and will 
slip away soon if it's too near you.

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