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[at-l] Re: [at-l]Mother Hen

Here's a picture from this year, of Mother Hen and family: 
http://community.webshots.com/photo/13873024/13876726IZwPPtEHXW, it's 
from MAM's section hike from Swatara Gap to PA 94.

Last year many, many hikers stayed with Mother Hen. It sounded too 
hectic for me so I passed it by and slept in the woods. The 
arrangement was very flexible, she sometimes let hikers use her van 
to  shuttle other hiker's. I saw a nice long article about her on 
posted on the outside wall of the ATC office in Boiling Springs. She 
has a disabled child and liked having all the hikers coming and 
helping out with the kid (I think she has several). She made 
breakfast often for the hikers, and asked very little in return.

I also saw a reference to Mother Hen's place in 1999 so she was open 
then also. The house was described to me as being "in town, with a 
small yard". The washer/dryer was going constantly. Hikers sometimes 
making their own meals. Since it wasn't set up as a hostel I'm sure 
it was a bunch of hikers setting up whereever they could. I can 
easily see the neighbors complaining.... Too bad though. --RD

>  > Also I've heard that the local municipality has shut down Mother Hen's
>>  "hostel" in Boiling Springs due to complaints from the community. There
>>  were a group of hikers at the ATC office registering their complaints
>Can you enlighten us on Mother Hen's Hostel, this is the first I've heard of
>it.  It's a town that could use one considering they only have a couple
>fairly expensive B and B's. 
>When I passed through, I pitched my tent in the backyard of the Garmanhaus
>for a buck, but wasn't able to use the inside facilities.  Nice enough guy
>for letting the hikers to that, he also had a large world map where the
>hikers wrote their name and where they were from.