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[at-l] Parking lot rip offs...fighting back

>I am thinking of getting the following onto posters and tacking them on 
>poles in that parking lot.  Think it would work?


My car was broken into a few years ago at a car-camping spot at the Delaware 
Water Gap.  We had met some friends of ours down there, and went hiking with 
them up to Sunfish Pond.  We didn't think much about break-ins, and did 
little more than put our food in the car, and took off for a nice day.  My 
wife, left her wallet under the front seat, and we left mega-bucks worth of 
equipment (or so it seamed at the time) in the tents.  Anyway, you can 
imagine how we felt to see the rear window shattered, and our car ransacked.

Our campground neighbors did manage to get some photos of the guilty party, 
but no arrests were made. I figured that in NJ, this kind of thing just 
happens all the time and law enforcement doesn't take these kinds of things 
too seriously.  Anyway, it was serious to us.  Here are the photos.  Perhaps 
somone has seen this "animal" lurking around the Trail?


Rick Boudrie

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