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[at-l] Parking lot rip offs...fighting back

I am still SO mad that Dee got ripped off here in PA.

I am thinking of getting the following onto posters and tacking them on poles
in that parking lot.  Think it would work? ????<g>

Pilfering, piddling, perverts will rip off your gear
if you leave it in your car.  Can't blame them,
since they are so useless, their only hope of ever
having anything is to steal it from someone else.
Treat them like bears...remove the temptation.

A friend told me of cars, parked next to the rangers house,
being ripped off.  His advice to her was to take everything out
of her car and leave it unlocked.  I find that offensive to the MAX.

I live in my van and have a LOT of stuff in there.  It's a rolling
gear closet.  The idea that i have to strip MY stuff from MY
van and leave it unlocked so some jerk can get in and make
sure there is none of MY stuff in MY van to steal.....

I just can't express how mad that makes me.  I'm this close
(holding fingers about a hairs width apart) to laying a trap
for those idiots.
Yepper....anyone want to come hid in the bushes with me?

Never mind..I don't want to drag anyone else in on this but I'm
seriously considering a little citizen's arrest.....