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[at-l] Boiling Springs,Pa Pool Schedule and more..

For those of us passing thru Boiling Springs this summer here is the
pool schedule. The Pool is at the southern end of the lake on the way to
the ATC office, you can't miss it. A shower and a swim is welcome after
the hike thru the open fields in the hot sun.

Also I've heard that the local municipality has shut down Mother Hen's
"hostel" in Boiling Springs due to complaints from the community. There
were a group of hikers at the ATC office registering their complaints
about the closure.

Summer Hours
Sat, May 26th - Fri, June 15th    (11am - 7pm)
Sat, June 16th-Sun, August 12th   (11am - 8pm)
Sat, August 13th-Sun, August 26th (11am - 7pm)
Mon, August 27th-Fri, August 31st (3pm - 7pm)
[School]                           Sat, Sept 1st-Mon, Sept 3rd      
(11am - 7pm)