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[at-l] Trip Report (long)

You have found the biggest nightmare of Sassafras Mt. It is dry and not
very challenging after a pretty nice day's hike from Springer. Then you
hit Justus Mt. and really get dry! 

Enjoyed your trip report. You put in some pretty good miles. Neels Gap
to Chattahootchee? Wow! That was a day and a half for me during HATT.


--- Dan Myers <dmyers@zcs.k12.in.us> wrote:
> ...  We'd heard all kinds of horror stories about Sassafras and
> didn't intend to take it lightly.  While challenging, Sassafras
> wasn't as bad as we expected.  Mike summed it up best, "Was that 
> it?" ... We rolled on through the gap and up Justus.  There is no 
> justice on Justus.  It made us scream for mercy. 

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