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[at-l] MRE's

At 05:36 PM 6/25/01 -0500, Melissa P wrote:
>i'll be hiking for 15 weeks northbound starting in may.  has anyone 
>carried MRE's for their food supply?  would like some feedback on people 
>who have actually eaten MRE's and what people have carried for food.... 
>must haves, etc.

Most hikers find MRE's a heavy choice and opt for Lipton Noodles in a bag 
or Rice in a bag or
my favorite Mac and Cheese.  Be sure to chose the varieties that cook the 
fastest.  Avoid the bow
ties or fancy shapes unless you want to carry a lot of fuel.
You can make your own dinners with gravy mix and angel hair pasta.  Angel 
hair is really thin
pasta that cooks in about 3-5 minutes.  If you have a dehydrator, you can 
dry veggies to add
to the pasta with a sauce or gravy mix and it sure tastes good.
Peanut butter is a staple to spread on pita or some other sturdy 
bread.  Dreid fruit is good.
Nuts are heavy but nutritionally good.
Poptarts used to be the choice for breakfast for many hikers, but now there 
are sooooo
many new breakfast bars and most of them taste better than poptarts IMHO.
I'm sure others have other ideas on what's good to eat.  The one thing to 
consider is how much
nutrition and calories any food packs per ounce.

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