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[at-l] Toe's Tarps@Stoves Tips...Re: [IndianaATClub] Re: Day trip report

"Tarps and stoves may break my bones, but trails will never hurt me."

--- The Lehmkuhl Family <lehmkuhl@gte.net> wrote:
Go for the tarp, ask Toe how, go to the Intregral Designs
> website and look at the SilTarp,
### To clarify: two points: 1) my tarp's *footprint* is an elongated
pentagram, just like the ID silshelter (not siltarp, btw), except that the
door is not on the middle of the pentagram's bottom, but along the axis of
the righthand bottom corner [in effect, moving the door to the right by
36" or so]. 2) The ID silshelter has seven seams; mine (which was
fabricated from circa1999 
scraps and is *really* an artifact of those scraps, not an intensive
design search) has two. It's roughly 10'x10', fitting me, two
SmallBoys(c), and three packs, with enough room left over for the
requisite cooking/non-flameoff; it could *probably* sleep a fourth full
size adult. It weighs, with reinforced tie loops and 24" of tie-out string
(window-blind cord from the sewing shop: bleach white, cheaper and LIGHTER
than Kelty's Triptease, yet still stronger (yipes!) than the fabric to
which it's tied), 14 ounces in it's two-tone stuff sack. Huge thanks to
Kurt (who supplied), to Her POGness Karen (who sewed), and to vera ("Super
V" to her friends; she cheered). I'll bet Kurt has a design to whip up for

> There are 2 good stove designs out there Photon's stove and then Tin Can
> Man's stove...ask tom again he's built several in the last couple of
> weeks..
### Put "alcohol stove photon henderson" into a search engine, and you
should end up with urls for Don "Photon" Johnston and Scott Henderson
stoves. The SHenderson stove is the one utilized by TinCanStoveMan to work
his mild-mannered superhero karma-boosting magic.

### I have built a Photon stove, but suspect that when the bottum skin
split (and would not be sealed by aluminuminuminum tape), that I lost a
material amount of internal pressure. (But even with a small leak, it's
GREAT.) I will build another soon, making the top 1.25 inches, not 1.50 --
and seeing if I can't work some magic with the shorter top/bottom
insertion length. 
DON: Three notes: I make the burner holes before I insert top into bottom,
using a small wood block to help support the piece. I found that
countersinking the burner holes (even slightly) *really* helps in pushing
the sewing needle through. And for the rim's burner holes, making them
from "inside" (or from underneath) *also* really makes assembly a snap.

### I am guessing that if one were to make a removeable center opening
"cap" for the SHenderson stove, it would perform similar to the Photon
Stove..... Ahhhh, Research!

Best to all!
Sloetoe Macgyver

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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